Whether your desert is a place to hide, a place of testing, or the training ground for the life to which God has called you, this

book of forty devotions will help you discover where you truly are and, even more importantly, where God would lead you.


This book was a long time in the making.  It is a collection taken from my Online Devotions, which you can read more about here.

Over the years many people suggested that some of the devotions seemed particularly well suited for men, and since there

are not as many Christian resources directed at a male audience, it seemed appropriate to put this collection together.


F. Delbert Gray, Professor Emeritus at Louisville Bible College (http://www.louisvillebiblecollege.org/) says this:


"Steve Perkins' Desert Days Devotions are a must read if you have been hiding in the desert.  He paints

in vivid colors a portrait of most of us.  We like to see ourselves as tough, matter of fact men with little

or no emotions.  That will change as you read and allow the warmth of these biblical principles to take

root and grow in your life.  In the desert he provides an oasis that will refresh the thirsty soul.  These

forty devotionals will help you recapture hope and vitality."


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