Steven R. Perkins
Latin Teacher, Author, and 2014 Indiana Teacher of the Year

Just a quick note to let you know of the value of your weekly messages.   As one who typically has gotten little out of some of the best-known daily devotionals, I continue to regularly find value/meaning/strength almost every week in what the Lord prompts you to write, and not infrequently they are so "on the mark" for me that I clearly see God's hand at work.   Thanks.


Thanks again for your wonderful insights, which come at a busy time for me -- exactly when I need remindng.



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In January of 1998 I began emailing the Online Devotions.  Over time the subscription list has grown to include students and adults from all walks of life.  The list includes recipients from across the United States and beyond.

The devotions come out at the start of each week and contain a verse or two of Scripture, a short reflection, and a prayer.  My most recent book, Desert Days:  40 Devotions for Men, contains selections from past Online Devotions.

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