As a Classicist and Latin teacher, I have long enjoyed the rich tradition of Latin prayers.  As a Protestant, however, I have

rarely encountered these prayers in corporate worship and know that most of my Protestant brothers and sisters are

unaware of their existence.  This is unfortunate, for many of these prayers contain a depth unmatched by anything in

modern forms of worship.


At the same time, I enjoy modern worship and am also aware that many of my Catholic brothers and sisters, who may

be familiar with some of these prayers, may only know them in a formal way.  It is here that a fresh, contemporary

approach may breathe new life into these prayers.


I am a translator and poet.  I am also a Christian.  Just as philosopher Alvin Plantinga in his famous address, "Advice to

Christian Philosophers" ( argues that it is a proper and necessary

task for Christian philosophers to ply their intellectual trade in and on behalf of the Christian community, I, too, believe that

I must put the gifts God has given me into His service and eagerly desire to do so.  With this inspiration, I set out to engage

all the challenges that confront a translator and poet in rendering the words of another language, from another time, in

another place, into a contemporary idiom.  I pray that I have been faithful, if not successful


This collection of Latin prayers and English renderings, then, comes from the writings of Christian men and women throughout

the ages.  Though penned by human hands, they lead us into the presence of God and allow us, who still see through a

glass darkly, to catch a glimpse of the other side of Heaven.


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