The Grand Object of Education


Education: A Grand Object

My new book A Grand Object:  Essays in Education will be coming out in 2024.  If you have ever dreamed about what education could really be or about a shared journey of discovery to explore the breadth and depth of what we can know and achieve, this book is for you.

What People Are Saying

Here you will find what can best be described as eulogies of learning, observations on that uniquely human endeavor we call education, and impassioned calls to see that endeavor in a new light.

Ed Coleman, Millken Educator and National Board Certified Teacher

Through the lyrical and intelligent tone that is classic Steve Perkins, this book paints his personal and practical experiences from the classroom with an introspective, almost reverent hand.

Kathy Nimmer, Indiana Teacher of the Year

Perkins ultimately blurs the lines between storyteller and philosopher, redefining educational excellence in the process.

David McGinness, Assistant Professor of Education, Taylor University

Author Steve Perkins will lift you out of your seat as you levitate in this land of descriptive passages and transform you to a world of deliciously written essays and experiences where you will experience grandeur on a grand scale.  A must have for all home book shelves and libraries around our world.

Kate Smith, Principal, Canberra, Australia

Artfully connecting the modern classroom to ancient wisdom, Perkins celebrates the timeless pursuit of knowledge while exploring the premise that education is far more than the mere dissemination of it.  Drawing on an illustrious career spanning decades of classroom and higher education teaching experience, [he] offers profound ways to look at the essence of teaching, learning, and school.

Gary Abud, Jr., Michigan Teacher of the Year, Author of Science With Scarlett

Restoring the Focus of Education

A Grand Object is Steve's latest book, and he is excited about to talking with your organization to help you recover a grander vision of one of the most important of human activities.

Be sure to explore opportunities to have Steve as a guest speaker at your next event.  And of course, he is always eager to hear your thoughts about the book, so drop him a message!